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We argue, we don't fight. Stay awake till the middle of the night.
6/9/2017 - The new London Grammar album comes out this week! Sweet!
8/1/2017 - Finally got to see a London Grammar concert even though it was an online Facebook Live broadcast, it was still pretty cool! Tracks included Hey Now, Rooting For You, Strong, and Oh Woman Oh Man.
Tuesday August 1, 2017:

This was a long time coming! So glad I finally got to see London Grammar even though it was an online webcast. Still pretty cool to see them play in Brooklyn from my home in Virginia on my couch with my dog. Standout tracks included Hey Now and Rooting For You and they also played Strong and Metal & Dust which are also awesome. She has such an amazing voice and the three of them together are just unreal! Funny how she said everyone in the first few rows were all smoking pot so she didn't want to get too close. And I agree encores are kind of stupid because we know as well as the artist does that there's a few more songs left! Too bad about the buffering, I missed out on Hell To The Liars but hey not bad for a show from home on a Tuesday night! Thanks, Facebook Live!

8/1/2017 - London Grammar

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