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Nobody stays above, out in the waves of love
8/7/2015 - Got my ticket to Elvy already! Can't wait!
10/30/2015 - What do I listen to first - the new Elvy, or the new Guy Garvey?!
11/11/2015 - Upon hearing Elvy cover She Drives Me Crazy: You better not think that song's about me. Me: Of course not! It's about Sake! She drives me crazy- woof! woof!
12/31/2015 - A new Elvy CD, My Black Light, Striking Matches! I got to meet Kevin Martin from Candlebox, that was really cool. I also got to meet Meagan Grindall, aka Lemolo. Lost Lander at DC9, Weird Al at Wolf Trap, and even Buena Vista Social Club!
Wednesday November 11, 2015:

Elvy was such a wonderful show even with the ever-more-present shortcomings of going to the 9:30 Club over the years. We planned this one out pretty welll by meeting up for Beefsteak beforehand, and driving over - such a good decision, it was nice to have my car with us, and we both appreciated being able to leave our jackets to brave the short walk to the club. The show was pretty sweet. Flock Of Dimes was a side project from the band Wye Oaks, and she was a decent opener. Of course we were just there to see Elvy. A huge fan of The National, I was excited to see Matt again! I had seen The National during Virgin Mobile Free Fest one year and it was a great show, although I do admit I prefer the studio albums a bit better than their live shows. Elvy, though, was fresh, and really really good. Standout tracks included Return To The Moon, Happiness Missouri, Need A Friend, and Paul Is Alive. Matt told a funny story of how he practically fell onto the crowd during Happiness Missouri and that was the moment he hit the notes right. Need A Friend was played last and was really cool to hear live. They even did a cover of She Drives Me Crazy (about my dog- woof! woof!). All in all, it was a great show, even if a bit pricey! The set was short, no encore, but as a side project it was all VERY impressive, although the 9:30 Club is getting a bit old and tired for me. Still, so glad we went!

11/11/2015 - Elvy

11/11/2015 - Flock Of Dimes

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