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Veterans Day
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11/11/2022 (Friday, 12:16 PM):
More pizza! More!!
Top Ten: A Different Shade Of Color by Centershift


11/11/2021 (Thursday, 11:45 PM, Concerts):
I Am Kawehi tonight was so good! Got to hang out with my buddy Greg and his friend Simon too! So glad I went and grateful to be at my first real show in like two years!!
Concerts: I Am Kawehi at Jammin Java


11/11/2020 (Wednesday, 12:53 PM, Food):
Yummy stew for the win!


11/11/2015 (Wednesday, 11:10 PM, Sake And Friends):
Upon hearing Elvy cover She Drives Me Crazy: You better not think that song's about me. Me: Of course not! It's about Sake! She drives me crazy- woof! woof!
Concerts: Elvy at 930 Club


11/11/2013 (Monday, 11:21 AM):
New Psapp!!
Top Ten: What Makes Us Glow by Psapp


11/11/2009 (Wednesday, 09:09 PM):
So glad to have boxing back!

11/11/2005 (Friday, 11:02 AM):
I spent an extra hour after karate last night learning my new form. Ugh. I'm glad I noticed there was yet another form I didn't know.

11/11/2003 (Tuesday, 09:39 AM):
It's amazing how much warmer it is inside than outside. Raking leaves sucks!
Top Ten: Who Will Cut Our Hair When Were Gone by The Unicorns


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