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IDK About You
1/23/2018 - Two years ago we had 38 inches of snow on the ground and today we have temps between 55 and 60 degrees out! Crazy! That said, super excited that Fever Ray was just announced for the 9:30 Club this year! YAY!! Finally!
2/15/2018 - Can't wait to see that sold out Fever Ray show at the 9:30 club in May!!
5/14/2018 - Fever Ray at the 9:30 Club tonight!! Managed to squeeze in at the balcony. Awesome, bucket list show!!
Monday May 14, 2018:

Was this ever a bucket list band to see live for sure! I was a bit hesitant on going because of the crazy severe thunderstorm that was coming through around the time I was set to leave for the club, but I was smart and waited an extra twenty minutes. I got to the venue at 7:45 or so and luckily, very luckily, got a spot on the balcony. A nice couple next to me had just enough room for one more. What a great view! Fever Ray requested no photos or video at the show but I still managed to squeeze in a few shots of the band. I couldn't resist with my perfect viewpoint from the balcony! Bunny Michael opened and they were really weird, I didn''t like them very much! I was set to meet up with some friends from Meetup after the show but bad communication, mostly on my part, so that didn't happen. Looking over the setlist from Setlist.FM and they don't change it up at all. Standout tracks for me included When I Grow Up, I'm Not Done, Concrete Walls, IDK About You, Keep The Streets Empty For Me, and If I Had A Heart. I'm so lucky to have seen them! The couple next to me drove down from the Philadelphia area and about ten years ago I had planned a trip to Chicago having gotten the idea from a Fever Ray gig there but ended up going on a different weekend. Makes me sad I'll probably never get to see Bjork or Faithless but at least I can now say I've seen Fever Ray live!!

5/14/2018 - Fever Ray

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