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Taking You Back To 1994
3/15/2012 - Excited to have a pair of tickets to the sold out Garbage show on 5/23!! Who's coming with me?
5/18/2012 - Had a dream last night I went to see Garbage and forgot my ticket and then my friends didn't want to stay out too late after all that! I will be going on Wednesday and all that crap better not happen!
5/23/2012 - I think I'll see a sold out Garbage show later tonight at the 9:30 Club! Why not?
Wednesday May 23, 2012:

After taking my dog out right after a really bad storm, and eating dinner right before I left, I finally got to the gig at 7 PM just after doors opened, and even ran into a buddy on the way to find my friends. It was cool running into Troy. I got to see Jon and Liz, and my buddy Scott, who took the extra ticket I had. It was too packed inside the club though, really too small a venue for a band as big as Garbage. No crazy theatricals, they just played it safe, and it felt like a show I'd have had a better time watching at home. Good to know they still put out new music. They didn't even play their title track, Not Your Kind Of People. It was still worth it to see Shirley and the gang still at it, I guess!

5/23/2012 - Garbage

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