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Maybe the last time wasnt the last time but baby this time is the last time.
6/20/2018 - Maybe April at Pearl Street Warehouse! Looking forward to this one for sure. Only $12!
7/28/2018 - Checking out Pearl Street Warehouse with Kelly for the band Maybe April! Not a bad place at all!
Saturday July 28, 2018:

Finally got a chance to check out the new venue Pearl Street Warehouse in the newly revitalized Wharf section of DC. It was a pain in the butt to get there, having gotten caught in a bunch of traffic on 395 in my Lyft. Luckily the driver I had was super cool and knew how to go too, he was also a huge Pearl Jam fan so that was awesome too. The opening act Jay Bird was a country guy on guitar who mumbled a lot and wasn't that interesting. My friend and I agreed it would have been better just Maybe April. Oh well! It was fun to see Maybe April perform their songs. I especially liked Last Time and a song I hadn't heard before called Isobel. They picked it up at the end too. I was a bit jealous my friend left a little on the early side and didn't get stuck trying to find a way home like I did! A pretty cool time at the Pearl Street Warehouse for sure but next time I'll think about taking the Metro home instead of trying to walk it!!

7/28/2018 - Maybe April

7/28/2018 - Jay Bird

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