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Reggae night at the Dew Drop Inn
6/30/2018 - Wedding party crashed the bar Ben and I are at for the Scotch Bonnets and the Transmitters gig tonight at the Dew Drop Inn! So random!
Saturday June 30, 2018:

I had been wanting to see the Scotch Bonnets for a while now, having not realized until that night at the bar that I actually had seen them before! They played with MSH at the Wonderland Ballroom on my birthday last year. Oops! It was still fun to catch up with an old friend and even crazier when a wedding party crashed the dive bar we were hanging out at. The Scotch Bonnets were pretty good and did a few cover songs like Beyonce and some others. That was a fun wedding party too. The Transmitters were also a fun reggae band.

6/30/2018 - The Scotch Bonnets

6/30/2018 - The Transmitters

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