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Dream A Little Dream For Me
4/12/2017 - Rachel Sermanni livestreaming online! Nice!!
9/22/2017 - Had an amazing time meeting the most beautiful Rachel Sermanni. If everyone was as nice as her, the world would be a better place.
12/31/2017 - We lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington this year. I did get to meet Rachel Sermanni which was awesome! I got to see Stabbing Westward and Squirrel Nut Zippers too. Regina Spektor was my Wolf Trap gig! The Anthem opened up this year too!
Friday September 22, 2017:

I was so excited to finally get to meet Rachel Sermanni! I had been watching her Facebook page all month, knowing she was about to play shows like Boston and New York, but not near Washington DC. When she announced a last minute gig at a music school in Towson Maryland, I knew I had to be there! Unfortunately, my cell phone died that same day, so how was I to get there without a GPS? I got off work at 3 PM, having worked later hours during the early part of the week. I bought a Garmin at Best Buy on my way home. It worked out okay and I made good time getting there. I got to the venue by 7. Said hello to the folks at The Music Space and then went next door to 7 West for dinner. Not that great a meal! Then I had to make a quick stop at an ATM since I had no cash on me. $10 for the show was a great price! Mike Bragg started off the night. He was just okay. He did his best with a Brand New cover. I had a nice chat with him about the latest Brand New album Science Fiction. I also met a nice guy named Cory from Martinsville VA who was at a similar house gig for Lemolo! I had seen them recently, too. After Mike Bragg came Pocket Bells and they were great! It was an acoustic set so they were missing their drummer but Piper has a great voice and was a music teacher at the venue.

Just before Rachel started playing I got to chat with her and thanked her so much for coming. She was so sweet! She signed my concert book by saying it was lovely to meet me. She made a point to say hi to Mike and to chat with Piper. The highlight was seeing her perform The Fog, but she also played The Tractor and her song Sleep, among a few others. She switched between playing the mandolin and a guitar! She was so nice! I got a picture with her after the gig. Posters were free, which she helped design, and I bought a Pocket Bells EP. I wish she wasn't from all the way in Scotland so I could experience her music live more often! I recognized a few songs from the livestream gig online I saw of hers a few months earlier. She also talked about her friend Jen a lot and her time at a Buddhist monastery with a broken coffee maker. I so wanted her to play Old Ladies Lament but instead she ended the gig by playing The Fog and a cover of Dream A Little Dream For Me by Cass Elliot, which was appropriate since Cass was from Baltimore! Maybe next time she'll finally play Old Ladies Lament!

9/22/2017 - Rachel Sermanni

9/22/2017 - Rachel Sermanni

9/22/2017 - Mike Bragg

9/22/2017 - Pocket Bells

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