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And all the hits are saying the same thing - There's only tonight.
9/1/2017 - The new LCD Soundsystem album American Dream is so good! It sounds like a better version of James' older albums all in one! I can't wait to see them at The Anthem for my birthday!
Wednesday October 18, 2017:

I was so excited to try The Anthem, a brand new venue in DC that had only been open for a week, on the eve of my birthday! So they book great bands, but that's about all they got going for it. I got there at about 7 PM, way too early, but the ticket stub said the show started at 8! Sure they had a DJ but nothing to really get the crowd moving. I stood FOREVER. Why did we have to wait when they played there the night before and there were no bands in between - why did they even have to tune anything at all? Finally 9:15 PM rolled around. Place was packed. And not like the 930 Club, like really really packed. I was there for night two of LCD Soundsystem. As I was waiting I grabbed a waffle ($8 for a waffle probably only worth $4) but I was hungry and didn't want anything with cheese since I had a stomachache earlier that day. Had two beers too, and as I prefer dark all they had was Guinness at both bars I tried. Really annoyed the lines for the bars downstairs were very long and had to push through people to get anywhere. It was SO LOUD during the show the sound was way off and not enjoyable at all. I could listen better at home. I really do love the new LCD Soundsystem album though! I just wish they played a better venue instead. The set list was great just the volume mixing was so bad! At least I got to see them years ago. They did play Someone Great which was worth it. But what the hell, The Anthem? Work out your sound and crowd control! Ugh. It reminded me of the Stadium Armory. I'm actually thinking of selling my ticket to The National in December. I knew about the crazy parking prices before I went so I got a Lyft there both ways, $5 from Crystal City on the way there and $10 back. The convenience to the Wharf is pretty cool but I'm just not sure I'll be back anytime soon! What a crazy night. Ugh!

10/18/2017 - LCD Soundsystem

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