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Back at the 9:30 Club Again... Santigold!
4/9/2009 - Just bought Santigold and Elbow tickets! Yay!
6/10/2009 - Going to see Santigold after gym tonight! I hope I can make it!
6/11/2009 - I found out why she changed her name from Santogold to Santigold. Some infomercial guy with the same name threatened her! Weird.
Wednesday June 10, 2009:

Trouble Andrew was the opening band and they were pretty good. Amanda Blank was also a cool opener and she even got onstage with Santigold for one or two songs. Santigold was sweet, apparently she played the 9:30 Club once before with Architecture In Helsinki! The backup dancers weren't really into it as much as they could have been. I was surprised the parking lot was so empty though even with it being a sold out show! Songs played included You'll Find A Way, Say Aha, Anne, Shove It, and a cool cover of Killing An Arab by The Cure! I definitely appreciated how it started early enough. Doors were at 7, I got there at 8:45, and Santigold came on around 10:30. I was home by midnight!

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