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Our love is so much stronger.
11/3/2017 - Excited to see The Dears tonight!!
Friday November 3, 2017:

I had missed The Dears the last couple of times they came through DC and always wanted to see them. This being an early show, starting at 7 PM, meant I should work from home, so I did. Left my apartment at 6 PM and took public transportation. Got there just about 7 PM and Lou Canon was already playing. She was okay, just a synthesizer and her voice. The Dears played from 8 PM to 9 PM and I only recognized a few songs including You And I Are A Gang Of Losers, Lost In The Plot, and Who Are You Defenders Of The Universe. They got a pretty good response from the crowd after their last song so Murray squeezed an acoustic one in to close out the evening as they were only supposed to play until 9 PM. It was a pretty good show but I enjoyed it better not so close to the stage. At one point I had to sit towards the back bar since the volume was a bit loud for my taste being such a small club. I do love DC9 though. On my way home I stopped by Takorean for dinner and that was pretty good too!

11/3/2017 - The Dears

11/3/2017 - Lou Canon

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