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I'm gonna keep you in love with me for a while
9/8/2017 - Got the new ablum Sleep Well Beast by my favorite band The National ready to go. Can't wait to hear the new stuff in its entirety!! One band I can always count on to deliver, that's for sure!
12/5/2017 - So much fun hanging out at The National concert at The Anthem with George, Alexia, and Sarah via a meetup for DC Concert Buddies. Hanging out at Brighton after was such a fun time too! Really cool!
Tuesday December 5, 2017:

While I've seen The National once at a festival in 2009 and again online via a web broadcast, I still jumped at the chance to buy my ticket before The Anthem even opened. I'm glad I went! I wasn't too fond of The Anthem after LCD Soundsystem but the sound was good for The National. I was glad I gave the venue a second chance. I did have a bit of trouble finding the place between my Lyft driver and three gps programs but got there about 10 minutes before they went onstage. So I totally missed the opening band This Is The Kit. Still it was a great set with a ton of the new songs played at the beginning and some classics like Conversation 16, Fake Empire, Terrible Love, and Mr November. We didn't get Green Gloves this time, or Sorrow, but what we got was pretty great! I guess now that I know how to manage The Anthem right I'm okay with it. I just won't go near the merch table, ever check my coat, or buy food or beer there, but if I go with the right people (this time I hooked up with some folks out of a DC Concert Buddies meetup) then it's a lot of fun. After the gig we went next door to Brighton for a round of beer or whatever and ended up staying till last call around 1:30 AM! So glad I didn't sell my ticket!

12/5/2017 - The National

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