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Too High
1/2/2005 - Tickets for The Music at the 9:30 club in Washington DC go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 AM. HECK YEAH!!
1/3/2005 - I just bought my ticket to see The Music at the 9:30 Club on 2/18. How exciting!!
1/13/2005 - So they finally got around to posting the date for The Music on the 930 website and I've known about it for a month already! Kasabian and Morningwood are the opening bands. I've never heard of either! Should be fun!
2/18/2005 - So excited to finally see The Music and Kasabian in the same night! What an amazing evening!!
2/19/2005 - DJ Payroll has some really great mashups, like Gwen Stefani with The Music!
4/5/2005 - The Music [dot] Info is no more. Thanks everyone, Cashman 01/04/05.
Friday February 18, 2005:

I hadn't checked door times for the acts, so I was surprised to find out that it was a late show! Oops. So that meant I had to sit outside in the cold for a half an hour to wait for the doors to open. At least I was early enough to shake Rob's hand, the lead singer of The Music! Too bad I didn't get a picture of us together, he walked away too quickly. I finally went inside and got a shirt. Morningwood was okay instrumentally but the singer was really too slutty. Then Kasabian came on and they really surprised me! They played Reason For Treason, Processed Beats, LSF, and Club Foot. They were a great opener for The Music. As The Music did their set I wrote down the tracks in my phone. For most of their set, I was in the third row. Frat guys were everywhere! Yuck! I didn't care for that crowd much. I went upstairs to the balcony during the People and it was a lot better there. I saw Rob do his crazy Octopus Dance in full swing. He did some dance moves that made me wish I had gone up there for a better vantage point sooner. Still, I was able to get a few great pictures. What a great show! So glad I finally got to see The Music!

2/18/2005 - The Music

2/18/2005 - Kasabian

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