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The Pietasters At The 9:30 Club Yet Again
11/18/2011 - Early December, pre-op for surgery. 12/16, The Thrilltones The Pietasters and The Slackers. Nice!
11/22/2011 - Can't think of a better last show before my surgery than The Pietasters at the 9:30 Club.
Friday December 16, 2011:

This show was so full circle for me! I had seen the Pietasters originally at the 9:30 Club all those years ago which was actually my first show at the 9:30. So, it was neat seeing them again and even better to finally see the Thrilltones and the Slackers. I had even tried to see the Pietasters with the Thrilltones at Jammin Java the year before but it got rained out from a hurricane. The Thrilltones were great and there was enough room for me and my friends to dance, too! We hung out downstairs before the Slackers and enjoyed each other's company and conversation. Then back up for the Slackers which was great, too! The Pietasters closed out the night with hits like Maggie Mae and Without You and even some Christmas tunes like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The 9:30 was decorated so neat with the lights everywhere making everything look so pretty. Such a fun show all around!

12/16/2011 - The Pietasters

12/16/2011 - The Slackers

12/16/2011 - The Thrilltones

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