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11/22/2019 (Friday, 09:42 AM):
Thanks for the dance, Leonard!
Top Ten: Thanks For The Dance by Leonard Cohen


11/22/2018 (Thursday, 07:34 PM, Food):
Grateful Yechon remains open on Thanksgiving. A brilliant tradition for when I stay in the area!


11/22/2017 (Wednesday, 11:32 AM, Food):
New City Deli! Always a must in this area.


11/22/2015 (Sunday, 07:08 PM):
18 years ago today, I saw my first 18+ show at the Middle East in Boston: Atari Teenage Riot!

11/22/2012 (Thursday, 10:09 AM):
I'm grateful for Korean food on such an American holiday!!

11/22/2011 (Tuesday, 05:45 PM):
Can't think of a better last show before my surgery than The Pietasters at the 9:30 Club.

11/22/2007 (Thursday, 11:37 AM):
In NYC finally. We left the house at 3:30 am after seeing the Mist. That kinda freaked me out driving this morning seeing real mist!

11/22/2005 (Tuesday, 12:38 PM):
We leave by 2:00 AM and plan to get to the city by 7 when my aunt is just getting up. It works a lot better going directly to my aunt's rather than Noah's. Tomorrow night is Wicked. Should be great. Then Thursday is Thanksgiving!!
Top Ten: The Rising Tied by Fort Minor


11/22/2004 (Monday, 08:41 AM):
I played a lot of Fable this week. I hadn't played that game in forever!!

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