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8/25/2012 (Saturday), Day 01:

So here I am about an hour or two into my flight to Hong Kong! The trip started off pretty good, with a nice date with my friend Lynn last night watching Drop Dead Diva and having Chinese food of course! Woke up at 6 AM this morning and got to the kennel on time at 8 AM. Sad to see Sake go of course, for two weeks! I miss her already. Really have to get her washed more regularly if I am to take her to the waterfall near home on a regular basis. Carlos Alejandra and Isabella dropped me off at the airport, so cool to have awesome neighbors and so far everything has been off without a hitch! The trip to Chicago was a breeze. We got in a half an hour early even. The woman sitting next to me on the flight to Chicago works in the building next to mine on Wilson Boulevard, how cool is that? She was excited for my trip haha! Also had a yeungling at the airport in DC. Met an Australian guy in Chicago who was on his way to Bangkok, interesting adventure so far! Talk about world travels! People are still nice. Almost restores my faith in humanity. Nah, I still love dogs! Can't wait to see Lori's dog Brutus since I won't see Sake for two whole weeks! Noah and Megan get back from Australia today where they went on their honeymoon. Then the day I get back my folks go to Kenya! Can't wait to see Wallace though and Lori too. Hope we get mainland tickets figured out. Wish I thought to pack my electric converters in my carry on luggage! Maybe it's time for another screwdriver drink. Yum. So far on this flight seems like Pacman and Word Scramble are my favorite inflight games. Been listening to Dirty Elegance and The Knife so far. I'll get to writing my immigration card in a bit. Maybe I'll try to convince Wallace that I grew my beard during that crazy long flight! LOL! 

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