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7/18/2017 (Tuesday, 07:02 PM, Food):
Oh my God that was so good!


7/18/2015 (Saturday, 09:23 AM, Food):
Kimchi pancake, take 1.
Poetry: Curse


7/18/2014 (Friday, 09:13 PM, Sake And Friends):
Yup, my parents are still crazy!


7/18/2013 (Thursday, 05:54 PM):
Gearing up for date #3 tonight and a second date with #1 tomorrow.

7/18/2012 (Wednesday, 10:14 PM):
Talked with Wallace today about my upcoming Hong Kong trip next month, man I'm getting excited!

7/18/2011 (Monday, 08:04 PM):
I gotta admit, I love being close to the best ethiopian food in the area.

7/18/2009 (Saturday, 11:14 PM):
Got two numbers, made two new Jewish friends, and have a tentative scrabble and wine event set up for next time. Not a bad night at all!

7/18/2009 (Saturday, 06:08 PM):
May just have to brave the Rock and Roll Hotel in September to see Kate Havnevik!

7/18/2008 (Friday, 03:06 PM):
On Wednesday night I went to my bosu class. There were only two other people besides me and the instructor. Oh and I fixed a problem I was having at work. I had a location named Vetco Gray that had a typo of Vecto Gray. I was looking at that for DAYS!

7/18/2007 (Wednesday, 02:40 PM):
I can breathe again! I had some crazy project that went my way last Friday, since my boss was out of town Friday and Monday. Even our top SQL guy suggested this would take an estimated 16 hours! Glad the rest of this is going to someone else now. Phew!

7/18/2006 (Tuesday, 11:56 AM):
I now have every single Simpsons episode released on one of my hard drives at home. I can watch any one episode at any given time on my TV through my A2.

7/18/2006 (Tuesday, 07:56 PM):
Okay, now it's starting to look cloudy and dark out there. Be safe everyone!

7/18/2005 (Monday):
Top Ten: Speak For Yourself by Imogen Heap


7/18/2004 (Sunday, 01:45 AM):
I'm moving tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me that it won't rain too too bad!

7/18/2004 (Sunday, 01:34 AM)*:
So I've got random boxes lounging around my room. I cleaned out my filing cabinet and my small bookcase. I also cleaned out most of my desk. Also I downloaded about 14 songs from my Ripdrive tonight, mostly from Classic Rock 94.7!

7/18/2003 (Friday, 12:40 PM):
When I went online just now I received a message from Zak about moneypowerglory, the Clawfinger forum I started. Too bad he won't have time to be involved in it, but so cool he wrote me back!

7/18/2003 (Friday, 01:23 PM):
Tomorrow I'm going to check out Live On Penn to see The Lloyd Dobler Effect. They rock! I just listened to their CD Ecstacy Sold Here to psych me up for the show. Can't wait!

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