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8/26/2012 (Sunday), Day 02:

Made it to Hong Kong at last! I was more worried about the airplane food than anything else! Finally got to Wallace's. Was expecting him at the airport but come to find out, his folks had some emergency or something so he told a guy over the phone how to get to where I needed to go. 1 Dollar is 7 HKD so it was like $30 cab ride to his home but whatever I just wanted to get there. Dinner was lamb potatoes and soup which was nice. Sure beats that airplane food! Glad I finally made it! Kind of annoyed that Wallace is working tomorrow after I kept asking him to take time off. He has an 11:30 to 8:30 shift. I guess his Mom will take me out somewhere and I can meet Wallace for dinner or something. If Wallace can't get time off I will just go to Lori's in Shanghai on my own and Beijing too. At least I brought everything with me and the electric converter seems to work so that's good! 

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