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9/6/2012 (Thursday), Day 13:

So I was a tourist for one very full day in Shanghai! I really enjoyed it! I got up a bit late after reading a little more of Broken Harbor and went on Facebook through Lori's VPN access. We went to a place called Blue Frog for lunch which was just okay. I had a big bowl of pasta since I didn't have any breakfast. Got to see a bit of Disney English where Lori works and met up with her friends Matt and Chloe who were my tour guides for the day! So nice of Lori to hook me up with her friends since she had to work instead. We wandered around the People's Square at Nungueng Street which was kind of like Hong Kong's Nathan Road only way more people even at 2 o clock in the afternoon! Then we went to The Bund and back to Yu Yen Gardens which was in Old Town Shanghai. The markets there were so neat! We got a bus pass and they knew the best one to get instead of going on the ones that would rip us off. We went to Hershey's to wrap up the day which was kind of funny since Lori had told me I got her chocolate as a gift for staying at her place in a dream she had recently. We had dinner at a place called Ark which Lori was able to join us for. It was a beautiful setting on a rooftop with great views of Shanghai. We watched the boats go by from The Bund after dinner. And some rock band was playing on the streets the way back home. Took Brutus out again, had some beer at Lori's, and watched some more Shanghai Calling. What a great day!


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