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9/7/2012 (Friday), Day 14:

Had a pretty good last day in Shanghai! I read a little more since Lori wanted to sleep in a bit later. We were going to go back to Yu Yen Gardens again but it started pouring! So we just went to the neighborhood mall near her apartment. The food there was actually pretty good! We got a ton because it was so cheap. After lunch we went to a market where I got some moon cakes to bring back home to the States with me. Lori even helped me package it all up! I also stopped in a Starbucks and got a mug for my brother from there. Went back to Lori's and packed up my stuff and the rain had stopped. Took the Metro out to the airport. Such an easy ride and I was grateful Lori could show me around a bit more! Ended up having dinner at the airport, some type of banana crepe and side of noodles. My flight was delayed an hour and we had some turbulence and lightning but at least the overhead lights were kept on. Got back to Hong Kong airport at about midnight. Decided not to cab back to Wallace's since it was only 6 hours until my flight home to the States. So I decided to wait it out in the airport lounge. Too bad I didn't get to say goodbye to Wallace and his family but I'm sure I'll get to see him again someday!


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