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7/31/2018 (Tuesday, 11:12 PM):
Had a nice date tonight at a place called Barcelona in Reston Town Center. If only the roads to get there weren't all toll roads, it was actually a pretty easy commute! They forgot to send out two of our tapas so we had yummy extra dishes too!

7/31/2011 (Sunday, 08:54 AM):
24 hour japanese and korean steakhouse in my neighborhood? Yes, please! Amazed I haven't checked out Yechon before, it's awesome! Also, hooray 40 inch tv and blu ray! Now to stick my meager 19 inch in the bedroom!

7/31/2009 (Friday, 06:07 PM):
Playing Scrabble tonight with a date! Should I be a gentleman and let her win?

7/31/2008 (Thursday, 04:44 PM):
Anticipating parents coming this weekend, getting together with friends tomorrow, and a total body workout class tonight!

7/31/2007 (Tuesday, 11:30 AM):
My Absolute Garbage CD and DVD combination came in the mail today and I booked a hotel for two nights for Renn Fare in Pennsylvania the weekend before we go to Ireland!

7/31/2006 (Monday, 10:44 PM):
Skipped Fiona Apple at Wolf Trap tonight. Too bad, really!

7/31/2005 (Sunday, 12:31 AM):
I saw Must Love Dogs because I love dogs and John Cusack. It was just okay though. He does the same movie every time.

7/31/2002 (Wednesday, 11:49 AM):
Today is pretty hot outside and even hotter in here! I'm at the AU lab since my computer's down. I have one more final exam and then I'm done with school!

7/31/2001 (Tuesday, 11:45 PM):
Rammstein! Du Hast Mich!!
Concerts: Rammstein at Nation


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