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Grist Mill Park
7/9/2010 - I'm at Grist Mill Park for a wonderful summer evening outside with the Pietasters! Yay!!
10/30/2010 - Rally by day, ska concert by night. Freaking beautiful weekend!! The Pietasters and The Toasters at the 8x10 tonight!!
11/1/2010 - The Players covered Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer on Saturday! It was cool seeing them with The Pietasters!
12/18/2010 - Just bought my tickets for The Pietasters on January 8th and Chromeo on February 5th. So excited to see them both!
12/31/2010 - Crash Test Dummies finally for the first time, Mighty Mighty Boss Tones duet with Steve Jackson from The Pietasters, and finally getting to see LCD Soundsystem headline Virgin Mobile Free Festival at Merriweather!
Friday July 9, 2010:

This was such a nice and lovely day, even by myself. Granted, it was full of families, their kids wandering about and everyone on picnic blankets lounging in a park. But what better way to see The Pietasters than this! They played some of their classics including Maggie Mae and I think maybe Higher too. I remember getting into a conversation with someone about The English Beat. Wish my friend had come with her dog.

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