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Grist Mill Park
7/9/2010 - I'm at Grist Mill Park for another wonderful summer evening outside with The Pietasters! Yay!!
10/30/2010 - Rally by day, ska concert by night. Freaking beautiful weekend!! The Pietasters and The Toasters at the 8x10 tonight!!
11/1/2010 - The Players covered Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer on Saturday! It was cool seeing them with The Pietasters!
Friday July 9, 2010:

This was such a nice and lovely day, even by myself. Granted, it was full of families, their kids wandering about and everyone on picnic blankets lounging in a park. But what better way to see The Pietasters than this! They played some of their classics including Maggie Mae and I think maybe Higher too. I remember getting into a conversation with someone about The English Beat. Wish my friend had come with her dog.

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