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9/30/2018 - What a fun date at a new Mexican/Asian fusion restaurant in Clarendon. Their calamari was the best I've had in DC! Can't wait to go back to Le Kon already!! (202.jpg)
10/2/2018 - This mac n cheese was pretty easy to make when I tore apart the cheese and ham sticks and melted them down! Amazing what one can find in the fridge sometimes! (203.jpg)
10/10/2018 - Can't go wrong with Bozelli's pizza on the way home from work! Wow! (204.jpg)
10/11/2018 - Smores at work today! Perfect for a rainy day. (205.jpg)
10/14/2018 - Mari Vanna was a great suggestion for dinner tonight! Was even better that my folks could meet my friend Kelly and the four of us had a great meal together!! Yum!!! Scrabble earlier in the day was fun too!! (207.jpg)
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