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3/17/2019 - Had fun seeing my friends and introducing them to a new friend of mine as well! What a fun day with everyone and just so happened to be St Patricks Day too! (241.jpg)
4/7/2019 - I love it when my apartment building gives us free food! That omelette was pretty good too!! (248.jpg)
4/11/2019 - Swung by Kovi for some yummy korean taco pickup on the way home! (249.jpg)
4/12/2019 - Prevention is better than cure. Right?! (250.jpg)
4/25/2019 - Enjoyed taking my coworker out for crepes for lunch! Fun! (255.jpg)
5/2/2019 - Another trip to J Petal for the win! (256.jpg)
5/10/2019 - My parents are in town so my favorite Vietnamese friend cooked us such a yummy dinner! Thanks Khanh!! (260.jpg)
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