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5/12/2017 - Finally made it to Nasime and it was so good!! The waitress also said that the folks in our booth before us included a Maryland State Senator! (126.jpg)
5/20/2017 - Can't go wrong with a bi bim bap! (127.jpg)
6/4/2017 - What an awesome lunch at Bar Bao! Love this new place in Clarendon! (128.jpg)
6/5/2017 - Here's my attempt at beef pad thai! (129.jpg)
6/22/2017 - Moby Dick for the win! (130.jpg)
6/23/2017 - Loving my homemade ramen!! Came out so good! (131.jpg)
6/24/2017 - Had a great time at my apartment complex summer party! Good burgers, plus the pie that won was the pink one as shown in the picture and it was pretty darn tasty! Yum! (132.jpg)
6/25/2017 - Fettoosh is the best and even better with awesome company! Yay! (133.jpg)
7/18/2017 - Oh my God that was so good! (135.jpg)
7/19/2017 - Hamburger Helper my way for the win! (136.jpg)
8/7/2017 - Not bad for an impromptu breakfast! I fried Fettoosh bread and found some eggs, yum! (138.jpg)
8/13/2017 - What a meal! Salmon salad with a side of bread and jam. Awesome! (140.jpg)
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