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All For The Gold 9/13/1999
The sky is dotted with stars shining bright and clear.
I travel down the road escaping with fear.
For it is my house that I am fleeing from.
My enemies are in that house of mine and the time for revenge shall come.
My horse knows the way well and I urge him to go faster.
He knows his commands as well he obeys his master.
I finally come to a house I recognize.
Shelter leaps into my body comfort into my eyes.
This is my sister's house and my presence is always accepted.
But not this time she has heard the news I have been rejected.
So I take my horse who knows not what to do.
And I give him my commands not too many only a few.
I tell him to take me away as fast as he can.
For if he doesn't I shall no longer be a man.
My horse understands his command.
He rides faster than anyone can stand.
But as luck wears out my horse grows weary and I grow sick with doubt.
I am stranded in the cold.
And I am being tracked for I have the gold.
My home is now a cell.
For I am in a dungeon, I am in what some call hell.
I scribble my last few words in the dim light as I plan to slit my throat tonight.
The rock I use to write with is wearing out, its sharpness is almost gone without a doubt.
So I must say goodbye for my spirit shall rise to the sky.
Because it is the evil cold that has brought me here it is the GOLD.

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