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9/13/2015 (Sunday, 07:55 PM):
Wow, what a sunset!


9/13/2014 (Saturday, 11:25 PM, Roxanne):
Dinner at Unum in Georgetown with Roxanne was amazing tonight!


9/13/2013 (Friday):
What a day! So many albums released!
Top Ten: Loud Like Love by Placebo
Top Ten: In Rolling Waves by The Naked And Famous


9/13/2011 (Tuesday, 04:00 PM):
I need to give my dog a bath and do laundry, hmmmmmm wonder how I can optimize my chores!

9/13/2009 (Sunday, 02:26 PM):
Just bought my Chicago tickets for next month!

9/13/2005 (Tuesday):
Top Ten: Not Them You by Lake Trout


9/13/2003 (Saturday):
Poetry: Stuck

9/13/1999 (Monday):
Poetry: All For The Gold

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