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Attack On America 9/11/2001
More dead, tragic end.
Forget the blood, spit upon the corner of the world.
Rubble collapse, fall, hit on the enemy's ground.
Attack declared, sirens sound.
Emergency alert.
Three one one for suspicious activity.
Nine one one for the calls so desperate.
Crying for the end, or alive but crying for survival.
Still trapped, calling for help.
Nine one one is a day like today.
Second attack so huge in another city.
Same coast, different toast.
Terror rampage, buildings collapse.
People screaming on wheels and foot.
Evacuate the premises.
Call the jammed phone lines.
Terror loose, nation lost in pain.
Freedom attacked, the lights dim low.
Lost for now.
The peace begins to cease but when will it increase?
This country confused, left insecure.
Force broken, hearts torn apart, freedom ripped from inside out.
Day nine one one two thousand one.
Down in history for emergency landing.

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