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9/11/2012 (Tuesday, 06:58 AM):
Bright Black Heaven comes out today and Hallelujah I'm A Bum comes out next week! Also, my first attempt at making pho tonight turned out wicked yummy!
Top Ten: Bright Black Heaven by Blaqk Audio


9/11/2011 (Sunday, 04:10 PM):
Fuck! They blocked off the Pentagon exit and now I'm stuck in DC traffic!

9/11/2010 (Saturday, 09:50 AM, Around DC):
Going to Arlington Cemetery today to mark the 9th anniversary of 9/11.


9/11/2009 (Friday, 04:22 PM, Concerts):
I'm going to Edguy tonight at Jaxx. I love Jaxx. The parking is so easy! It's not too far, about 45 minutes away, and it's a fun place to see a show!
Concerts: Edguy at Empire


9/11/2008 (Thursday, 10:37 PM):
Bosu and boxing for an hour and 45 minutes, sore as heck!

9/11/2002 (Wednesday, 09:11 AM):
Fear the end, end the fear.
Poetry: Attack On America: The Aftermath

9/11/2001 (Tuesday, 09:00 AM):
Down in history for emergency landing.
Poetry: Attack On America

9/11/2000 (Monday, 04:56 PM):
Wohoo, a new Goldfrapp album!
Top Ten: Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp


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