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Attack On America: The Aftermath 9/11/2002
One year.
Since September it passes.
People aligned with the heavens.
One year, God may smile.
Sweet stillness surrounds silence.
Tornadoes approach as terrorists lie.
Awaiting in silence, sweet silence.
One year, God can answer.
One year gone.
Since when does it last?
Memories make up the media.
The anniversary of something horrible, atrocious, frightening.
One year, that's all it takes.
The media mentions motions from far away lands.
The media makes mentionable announcements.
None too many, none too few, none too far or too close.
Media today, media tomorrow.
One year still in the sorrow.
Live in the past, dwell in the sweat.
Fear in the full, life is regret.
Watch the stories.
Fear the end, end the fear.

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