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Surfacing 3/13/2012
Some hearts dance while some hearts melt.
Some hearts continue to feel what we have always felt.
Unforgettable nights never expire.
The sun, the fire.
Everything that should never come perspires.
The clouds above depict a storm.
But the earth itself, with you in it, will always be warm.
Take your hand in mine and I'll give us a lifetime of feeling fine.
Nervous about the rain that makes you wet?
It shouldn't be anything crazy enough to regret.
I'll never want to see the sun, the fire, the curtains of the sky fade.
It's too important when I'm running from the dying rays.
I'll always be your someone.
Then your eyes lock into mine and as you make yourself dry I remember.
Time disappears, the earth subsides, along oceans tides, the shores of many sunset homes.
Why, we'll never take our last moon dance!
Why, we'll never miss our last twilight kiss!
You'll always look good in that dress.
Things surface in my brain that I never want to supress.
Love in the air, I'm sitting on that beach.
The hollow ground, the tears of sorrow I'm hitting, out of reach.
Rhyming poems that never end, fingers bend and stretch.
Paintings of earth that eversketch.
A marble house of tomorrow.
Tunes that whistle, lives that death borrows.
The ceilings made of clay, the walls strong and never sway.
In my arms you'll lay.
You'll always be my loved one.

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