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Defacating Lies 6/21/2020
When the rain washes everything away
Except for the virus that's here to stay
What more can I say
What keeps happening tomorrow should have never happened today anyway
And all this writing that I do
And all this reading that you do
Seems to be only for us educated few
Not for the ignorant fool
Who never went to school
And who believes that putting on a mask is such a hard task
In the face of those who stand proud and true
When will all of this end
So that I may call you my friend
Not just the person who still reads what I write
Not just the one who keeps me up at night
Please put politics aside and just do what is right
I'm afraid this will all just go on dividing
Into the bunker where they are all hiding
The hate just keeps on spreading
The lies that keep on defecating
Who can be any more conniving
This country that has taken the most extreme nose-diving!

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