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White Priviledge 6/29/2020
A white kid with a gun
Is a dream nobody thinks is fun
But if you're black in his place
All you have to do is show face
And you're done
White cops pull out all the stops
To break the laws they're supposed to enforce
But what kind of a course does this set for our country or the world
In this day and age I don't have to protest my white priviledge
But if I did
If I was black
I could be attacked
For being one who mattered in a country so shattered
And a police force so racist and corrupt
Nothing to do but protest the unrest and stop them abrupt
Why all the hate?
Was it something I ate?
Or something the police tried to initiate?
Maybe this is what makes America great
How police reform can never be too late
That must be it
Tell them dirty white cops to quit
Fuck the police, get them to leave!
For it might even be me who's next to say: I can't breathe!!

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