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Mom And Dad 9/11/2020
When Mom and Dad live to forever
I will never hesitate to say
That Mom and Dad were always here to stay
They're the best Mom and Dad
Better than the rest
I got proof
They allowed even me to live under their roof!
What more can I say?
Five stars Air BNB got none of that here
Fancy dinners went who knows where
But when Mom and Dad appear
The world seems right
They tuck me in at night
Until I'm old enough to tuck them in
That's how it is with the best Mom and Dad
Forever glad and never sad
The happiest of days may still yet come
But even if that's the case I've loved them
Since the days of sucking my thumb
And I'll love them tomorrow too!
Of course that's true
No matter how crazy they may be
I can't stop bragging about having the best
Mom and Dad in history!

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