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Not Today 7/5/2020
Been too long since I've seen a show
Or even had someplace proper to go
Stuck at home always indoors
It wasn't like this before
I miss those party places
Those party times
Together how we downed those party cases
Once full of cheap beer and cheaper wines
Times like these are very hard
Nobody knows what's coming next
We just gotta keep up our guard
And put this new life to the test
Social distancing takes its toll
Watching and waiting for the next poll
I wonder when life will return to normalcy
Instead of this crazy alternate reality
It would be nice to see some proper decency
Instead of a crazy guy who looks like a mole
That's who's in charge
What a farce
When we reach the end they'll say
History has seen better days
He won't always get his way
But that will be tomorrow
Not today.

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