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Closer To The Edge
5/1/2018 - Got my 30 Seconds To Mars ticket today thanks to the all in $20 concert ticket week!
6/26/2018 - Having an AMAZING time at the 30 Seconds To Mars and Walk The Moon gig at Jiffy Lube Live with Julia and Bonnie. Days like these shouldn't have to end!
Tuesday June 26, 2018:

I planned this one out pretty well! After a slight change of plan picking up my friends in DC rather than Virginia, we met up at about 4 PM and fought some traffic on the way out of DC to Bristow Virginia where Jiffy Lube Live is. It was really neat to meet Bonnie and Julia. Julia and I had been chatting for a few weeks before the show as she is traveling across the USA and Canada and lives in Helsinki, so it was really neat to meet her on her journeys abroad. Bonnie messaged me last minute and seemed really cool too so I knew it would be fun to include her as well! We got to the venue at about 6 PM and the first band Joywave was playing but we didn't really see them as we were in line for merch. Julia bought me a long sleeve shirt which was awesome and after that we went to the pit area to be as close as we could to the stage. Misterwives was pretty good and had some neat drum kits and a couple of cool cover songs like Linger by the Cranberries. Walk The Moon was way better than I expected! Their song Shut Up and Dance was great live! 30 Seconds To Mars finally came on around 9:30 PM and were every bit as good as I expected, and some! Jared and Shannon killed it! The set list was perfect, including Up In The Air, Kings And Queens, This Is War, Dangerous Night, Hail To The Victor, Rescue Me, Remedy, The Kill, Walk On Water, and Closer To The Edge. Julia and I were in the second row by the end of the gig and Bonnie was way in the back. Julia managed to get onstage and I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to find her after but we managed okay and found Bonnie after the show too. The traffic coming home back to DC was fine and we didn't even have to wait that long in the parking lot. What an amazing show and so awesome to be able to share it with great new friends!

6/26/2018 - 30 Seconds To Mars

6/26/2018 - Misterwives

6/26/2018 - Walk The Moon

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