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Sleep Alone
2/4/2009 - Bat For Lashes are playing a few US dates as well but sadly not DC. They are playing Philly. I spoke to Sam about the Philly date because it's Friday May 1 and it looks like we can plan to go!
2/8/2009 - Just bought Bat For Lashes tickets for May 1 in Philly. YAY!
5/1/2009 - Welcomes May the crazy concert month with Bat For Lashes!
Friday May 1, 2009:

I managed to get to Sam's by 5:30 on Friday after stopping at Friendly's for a late lunch in Edgetown Maryland on the way. We hit up one bar on the way to the church where Bat For Lashes would be performing. The management at Bat For Lashes herded everyone downstairs to avoid the rain so early before the show actually started. By the time Bat For Lashes finally came on it was practically 10:30 PM! So much for the two other bars we had planned. We only stayed through four songs of their set, which happened to include Sleep Alone, Horse And I, and Daniel. As we left, I got a shirt to add to my collection. We finished off the night at Blue Martini.

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