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2/4/2022 (Friday, 06:55 PM):
Overrated date but yummy Yechon. Glad to be back at korean bbq.
Top Ten: Requiem by Korn


2/4/2017 (Saturday, 10:40 PM):
Had a dream I was wandering around the Matrix looking for the dog from Lost. I swear it doesn't get geekier than that.

2/4/2011 (Friday, 09:15 AM):
Last night at the Bass Hole was AMAZING! Have you ever seen Racoon For A Dream?

2/4/2009 (Wednesday, 01:44 PM):
Bat For Lashes are playing a few US dates as well but sadly not DC. They are playing Philly. I spoke to Sam about the Philly date because it's Friday May 1 and it looks like we can plan to go!

2/4/2005 (Friday, 08:49 AM):
I'm looking forward to a lunch tomorrow with Michael and Elyse and perhaps Kim and Bobby if they're up for it too! Anyone have any good recommendations for a nice place in DC?

2/4/2001 (Sunday, 10:35 PM):
Today Daryl, Mario, and Neil all contributed to giving me a haircut! On the way home, I saw a sign for a Linkin Park and Deftones concert that sounded interesting. Hopefully I can go! I fell asleep watching American Beauty on my laptop.
Diaries: Day 27


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