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Are We Having The Time Of Our Lives?
6/16/2011 - Elbow tickets on sale today! This'll be the second time seeing them if I go!
9/21/2011 - Going to see Elbow tomorrow at the 9:30 Club. Not even really all that excited about it since I saw them a few years ago, and I'm going by myself. But, whatever, this'll be my September show.
9/22/2011 - Elbow sold out tonight. Glasser was a cool opener. This was way better than the 2005 gig!
Thursday September 22, 2011:

Elbow put on a great gig last night. Glasser, the opening act, wasn't half bad either! It was just a lady and a DJ but she could sing and I kept thinking it would have been nice to have seen her instead of MNDR between The Suzan and Chromeo during that gig. Oh well, still cool to see her open for Elbow! They came on about 9:30 of course and put on a full two hour set. The Birds was great, and so was Neat Little Rows and Lippy Kids. Guy had a lot of interaction with the crowd, like with his evasive tickling, but he did seem a little drunker than I remember from the 2009 gig with Jessica Hoop. Every song was on point though, and they still did their group huddle for Weather To Fly. I was so close to not going, but really really glad I did! Happy birthday Ray, and congratulations to Diana for having the whole audience sing whatever it was to her. Good times!

9/22/2011 - Elbow

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