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The color of our planet from far far away
3/2/2017 - Regina Spektor has announced a show with Ben Folds at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA on July 26th. I can't wait!!
7/26/2017 - Blue lips. Blue veins. Blue the color of our planet from far far away. Regina Spektor and Ben Folds was an awesome concert at Wolf Trap! It was great meeting Amber too! What a fun summer evening!
12/31/2017 - We lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington this year. I did get to meet Rachel Sermanni which was awesome! I got to see Stabbing Westward and Squirrel Nut Zippers too. Regina Spektor was my Wolf Trap gig! The Anthem opened up this year too!
Wednesday July 26, 2017:

I had been wanting to catch Regina Spektor in concert for a while now, but I was just waiting for the perfect venue. When Wolf Trap announced she was coming with Ben Folds, I was excited! Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to go with but luckily a new friend wanted to come and we made plans to meet up at the venue. I got off work an hour early and grabbed Mike's Deli to go. Just as I was leaving a pair of fire trucks blocked me in the parking lot! Luckily the car next to me realized they had enough space to back up and get out, so I followed suit pretty quickly after that! The officers response of Sorry, Wrong Place Wrong Time was so unacceptable to me! I wonder how late I'd have been if I had really been stuck there? No matter, I got to the venue on time and had my sandwich while walking to the gate. My friend bought me a glass of wine (and a t shirt after the show too!) which was sweet and the show was great! Ben Folds was on first and while I don't know his music much, it was a good show and he's a good pianist and performer. Unfortunately he didn't play Brick or Whatever and Ever Amen, the two songs I know. Oh well! Regina Spektor was off to a rough start with her song The Calculation which was abandoned after two attempts! Folding Chair was great, and she also played a bunch from her new album including my favorite, Obsolete (which was also followed by another favorite, Blue Lips)! I was also glad she played Eet, Grand Hotel, Small Bills, You've Got Time, Ne Me Quitte Pas, and of course Fidelity! I thought it was cute how she said she loved the venue and just wanted to hike for days instead of go on tour and someone in the audience yelled out You can stay at my place! ha! We lucked out with wonderful weather and a great view for the most part! For the encore she brought Ben Folds back onstage to do a duet for two songs. I always love Wolf Trap in the summer and this was sure the show to go to this year!

7/26/2017 - Regina Spektor

7/26/2017 - Ben Folds

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