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Lost Lander At DC9
2/24/2015 - A new Lost Lander album this week! Heck yeah!!
4/2/2015 - Lost Lander at DC9 May 12! Can't wait!!
5/12/2015 - At DC9 tonight for Lost Lander! Super excited for this show. A bit too early, though. Opening band at 9, means they won't go on until 10!
Tuesday May 12, 2015:

I got there just about the time doors opened and hung out on the rooftop deck. Luckily, I had remembered how close it was to the 9:30 Club, which made it really easy to get to. 9 PM finally rolled around and I got to catch all of Fall Seattle's set. They were pretty good too, I enjoyed it. I got Matt from Lost Lander to sign my concert book on the same page as my Candlebox signature. Lost Lander opened with Afraid Of Summer and played about ten songs, including Feed The Fever, Walking On A Wire, Dig, Sunburns, Cold Feet, Gemini, Kangaroo. I even got Sarah and Bill to sign my book, too!

5/12/2015 - Lost Lander

5/12/2015 - Fall Seattle

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