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That Show Was So White And Nerdy
6/12/2015 - At the Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun tour at Wolf Trap National Park! Wohoo!
Friday June 12, 2015:

Weird Al was intense! We planned it pretty well. Picked up my friends by 6, got to Falls Church by 7, made it to Mike's Deli before the show to get food to go for dinner. Met up with my girlfriend on the way to the venue and we were off to see Weird Al! We got inside just about ten minutes before show started. The new stuff fit in really well, and the entrance from the backstage with the song Tacky was awesome! The Lame Claim To Fame song was just meh, but so many others were mentioned or played through! The Lorde cover was great, Word Crimes was awesome, I Bought It On Ebay was cool, so many good and awesome songs! It was a bit different than the first time I saw him, as Wolf Trap is the perfect venue, with the video capabilities and with the big stage he had a lot of room to do whatever he wanted! The video clips were awesome too, and were different than the other tour. I especially loved the Whiplash skit he did with him playing the accordion instead of the drums! So awesome. One of my friends bought me a shirt (thanks Dave!) and we made it back without too much trouble. The Star Wars Saga was a highlight of the night as well as an acapella song (Pig Latin maybe?) and a series of songs done in slow jazzy tunes. Such a great show and really glad everything worked out even with that crazy storm we had to pass through on the way to Falls Church!

6/12/2015 - Weird Al Yankovic

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