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Missing Ska Horns!
5/23/2017 - Can't wait to get my hands on the MSH album from the Evokatones guys! Next time I see them it's mine!
7/22/2017 - A great dinner at Oz for Australian food! The sliders had venison, kangaroo, and camel. After dinner I headed off for the tail end of the Ska fest to catch MSH! Great to see some friends there too and Colleen and Alfredo again!
10/19/2017 - So far a pretty good birthday! Got to Google Hangout with Noah this morning, binge watch a bunch of Big Bang Theory Season 10, bi bim bap for lunch, and going to see MSH tonight after ramen at Oki Bowl. Pretty sweet!
Saturday July 22, 2017:

What does MSH stand for? Sounds like nobody really knows, but possible answers include Missing Ska Horns, My Shit Hurts!, Make Sex Happen. Finally got to see Colleen's new band and it was a blast! I was a bit nervous getting over there in time since I was at dinner in Clarendon earlier in the day, but I made it! Showed up around 9:30 in time to catch half of Interstate Rivals set. Too bad I missed Edson's band Thirteen Towers and the others but it was still fun to see Interstate Rivals. And finally MSH! So good. Colleen was handing out CDs to everyone at the show so I was happy to get mine. Got to say hi to Colleen and Alfredo. Mike from Your Cousin Marvin was there too! It was great to catch up with everyone. The set was short but it sure was fun!! And I love the new album!!!

7/22/2017 - MSH

7/22/2017 - Interstate Rivals

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