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There's no God and I don't really care!
6/6/2017 - The 9:30 Club: Home away from home!! Super psyched for The Shelters and Royal Blood tonight!! Preshow music included The Foals too!
Tuesday June 6, 2017:

Royal Blood was every bit of good as I expected! I got to the club around 8 PM via Lyft which sure beat driving into the city and parking. The opening act, The Shelters, was just okay. I wish they didn't sing as much, musically they were very talented and it was cool to hear them jam, but the singing threw them off a bit and I kept thinking if they were an instrumental band they could have been awesome. Finally 9:30 PM rolled around and Royal Blood were awesome! I didn't have a great line of sight at the back of the club so I went up to the balcony and had a much better vantage point. Come On Over was played pretty early. Their new single Lights Out was awesome - yay for a new album out this year! Little Monster was especially good and is one of my favorites. Other songs included Hook Line & Sinker, Blood Hands, Loose Change, and of course Figure It Out. They played their hearts out. They are filling that void that The White Stripes left when they split, and I'm so glad to be a part of the rock! Also, I could appreciate that only a handful of folks in the crowd had their cell phones out during the show, that was refreshing to see everyone actually into it instead! I was surprised there were no warning signs for the heavy strobe use, but it sure didn't bother me any!

6/6/2017 - Royal Blood

6/6/2017 - The Shelters

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