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6/6/2021 (Sunday, 01:14 PM):
Hooray for the Chewish Deli! Yum!! But look! Cicadas!


6/6/2019 (Thursday, 12:33 PM, Food):
I could always go for this for lunch! Yum!


6/6/2018 (Wednesday, 07:30 PM, Concerts):
Wonder how many times I've seen Lloyd Dobler Effect over 20 years? A lot!!
Concerts: Lloyd Dobler Effect at The Wharf


6/6/2017 (Tuesday, 08:05 PM):
The 9:30 Club: Home away from home!! Super psyched for The Shelters and Royal Blood tonight!! Preshow music included The Foals too!
Concerts: Royal Blood at 930 Club


6/6/2013 (Thursday, 04:34 PM):
Just noticed that Kill Lincoln is opening up for The Toasters next week on Thursday at Iota. Gonna be an awesome show!

6/6/2010 (Sunday, 12:02 PM):
Still tired but alive and glad it went down okay yesterday at Disco Biscuits, more or less!

6/6/2007 (Wednesday, 08:58 PM):
Going to see Jesus Christ Superstar this weekend!

6/6/2006 (Tuesday, 09:21 AM):
Happy 6/6/6 Everyone!
Top Ten: The Only Thing I Ever Wanted by Psapp


6/6/2005 (Monday, 10:51 AM):
Guess who's the owner of a PSP? Yes, I purchased the last used PSP yesterday! YAY!

6/6/2003 (Friday, 12:40 PM):
I'll post a pic of my new car sometime early next week when I get the time. But so far it's GREAT and I love it!

6/6/2000 (Tuesday, 03:53 PM):
New Bella Morte this week! Cool!
Top Ten: Where Shadows Lie by Bella Morte


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