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Starscape 2010
6/1/2010 - Can't wait until Starscape and The Disco Biscuits on Saturday!
6/6/2010 - Still tired but alive and glad it went down okay yesterday at The Disco Biscuits, more or less!
Saturday June 5, 2010:

Ahh, the old Starscape Festival at Amistad Park in Maryland. I had always wanted to go and a few months prior, I met Jessica at a house party my our friend Meredith had in DC. We started dancing to one of the DJ's sets and I had asked her after if she wanted to go to Starscape. So we met up in Baltimore (I picked her up) and went. I'm pretty straight edge and at the time didn't want to partake in any extraciricular activities, so I declined on anything offered to me. It was a packed, overly packed event that went on till 6 AM or something. Teens were sprawled out naked on the grass at one point or other. Not a big fan of that kind of scene (when you sit down and get walked over by 5 drunk people in the next minute or so). It was really cool to see DJ Dan but he played so late that I was already pretty tired and the scene had already gotten kind of weird (after dark, raves tend to do that). The Pretty Lights were okay but I don't really know their stuff at all, never really got into them. Some good openers towards the beginning though. My friend kept losing her phone, I returned it to her once and she lost it again after the guy who found it was nice enough to get it back to me somehow. I gave him some money as a thanks. Well, overall an okay night, glad to experience the real STARSCAPE once in my lifetime before it went kaput. Spread the PLUR!

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