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6/5/2020 (Friday, 01:02 PM, Food):
All Bund Up!!


6/5/2018 (Tuesday, 11:54 AM, Around DC):
Just bumming around town for lunch on my way home from getting fingerprinted for my new job!


6/5/2017 (Monday, 07:57 PM, Food):
Here's my attempt at beef pad thai!


6/5/2013 (Wednesday, 09:39 PM):
I wonder if anyone asked how long the 15 minute abs class was going to be at gym today.

6/5/2011 (Sunday, 08:06 PM):
I have an extra ticket for Marcy Playground this Friday at Jammin Java. Who wants to go with me?

6/5/2010 (Saturday, 11:09 PM):
Ahh, the old Starscape Festival at Amistad Park in Maryland.
Concerts: The Disco Biscuits at Fort Amistead Park

6/5/2009 (Friday, 08:17 AM):
Already tired of the rain!

6/5/2008 (Thursday, 12:27 AM):
No cable due to tornados in the area and a tree fell in my front yard! Crazy!!

6/5/2007 (Tuesday, 09:09 PM):
Really glad One Side Zero has a new album out! About time!!
Top Ten: One Side Zero by One Side Zero


6/5/2005 (Sunday, 09:02 AM):
Fuckers upstairs were at it again. I've been impressed with the way they've been quiet lately but this was insane!

6/5/2003 (Thursday, 09:12 AM):
I'm getting my new car today! Yay!!!

6/5/2002 (Wednesday, 11:23 AM):
Professor Child gave a talk on some stuff he knew and it was cool to be taught by him again. He's the department head of Spanish at AU so yeah, he knows what he's talking about! I had him for two other courses and he's an awesome professor.

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