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2/11/2019 (Monday, 07:21 PM, Food):
Yum! Still got it!


2/11/2018 (Sunday, 07:28 AM):
Found a decent VPN from the UK so I can watch the Winter Olympics I hate NBC coverage so much!


2/11/2017 (Saturday, 11:35 PM, Concerts):
Wow, the St Francis Social were so great, even better than Underlined Passages!! Thanks for the birthday invite, Ben!
Concerts: Underlined Passages at Velvet Lounge


2/11/2014 (Tuesday, 06:30 PM, Food):
Just another kim bop meal! Yum!


2/11/2013 (Monday, 09:02 PM):
Drinking beer and coding. Maybe not the best idea but sure is fun.

2/11/2011 (Friday, 09:30 PM):
Friday February 11, at the Sweet Spot. Drum N Bass!

2/11/2009 (Wednesday, 11:55 PM):
Am I dreaming that I saw The Dreaming?!

2/11/2008 (Monday, 05:15 PM):
Deepa's first day at work was today. She seems nice enough!

2/11/2005 (Friday, 07:11 AM):
LokiTorrent administrator Edward Webber has agreed to pay a substantial fine and to provide all BitTorrent activity logs of its former users. This comes as a serious betrayal to those who felt that LokiTorrent intended to fight the MPAA lawsuit. RIP.

2/11/2001 (Sunday, 08:47 PM, Spain And More):
I was woken up at 2 PM today for lunch. I guess I had fallen asleep again doing a paper for Microeconomics! I did manage to finish it today though. I hope Daryl pays me back soon from the money I lent him. I'm running out of money fast!
Diaries: Day 34
Top Ten: Ecstasy Sold Here by Lloyd Dobler Effect


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