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6/12/2020 (Friday, 09:25 PM, Covid Livestreams):
Got to see a pretty cool The Naked And Famous interview where they played Sunseeker, Death, Punching In A Dream, and Young Blood. Then Justin from Blue October played the entire Approaching Normal album on Stage It. Cool! So good!!


6/12/2018 (Tuesday, 09:24 AM):
Walked out after only 20 minutes of the Chromeo set last night at the 9:30 Club! Wow! That was so packed and just not a good scene for me. Sad.

6/12/2015 (Friday, 09:35 PM):
At the Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun tour at Wolf Trap National Park! Wohoo!
Concerts: Weird Al Yankovic at Wolf Trap


6/12/2014 (Thursday, 08:04 AM):
I'm putting my bets, figuratively speaking, on Argentina.

6/12/2013 (Wednesday, 06:26 PM):
New schedule at the gym means my Monday 6:30 step class is now at 7:30 on Wednesdays, not sure I like working out this late!

6/12/2012 (Tuesday, 10:19 PM):
Tana French is coming to DC the same weekend I'll be out of town for my brother's wedding. Not fair!

6/12/2011 (Sunday, 05:07 PM, Sake And Friends):
First thunderstorm with the dog!


6/12/2010 (Saturday, 12:02 PM):
At my favorite local Latin restaurant for lunch and the waitress just asked me what glimpse means as in, to love is a glimpse of heaven, I said in this context it means poquito!

6/12/2008 (Thursday, 05:31 PM):
I had a busy day today even though I thought I'd have it easy! My coworker needed help on her transportation report and I had forgotten that this was the month with a lot of changes in the structure of it. So it was nuts to do!

6/12/2004 (Saturday, 11:47 AM):
Last night was Shelby Lynne and Johnny Lang at Wolf Trap. It was very wet and rainy. But stage gate was interesting, as always.

6/12/2003 (Thursday, 02:49 PM):
Oh and tonight: LDE at Pentagon Row and it's a free show! So cool! It'll only take about 25 minutes by Metro! I haven't seen them since DC Sessions last summer, so yay!

6/12/2002 (Wednesday, 09:12 AM):
The only reason how.
Poetry: Cyclone

6/12/2001 (Tuesday, 10:15 AM):
Be sure not to overload.
Poetry: Overload
Top Ten: Union by Puya


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