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1/10/2019 (Thursday, 01:04 AM):
My last day at Booz Allen/Vista with the ISR contract before I head to the ACR next week! Mixed feelings but I can't wait to move on!

1/10/2017 (Tuesday, 03:15 PM):
If you try and search Google Home on Amazon.com, you can't find any. Oh well.

1/10/2016 (Sunday, 02:35 PM, Around DC):
Just another drive by the Washington Monument!


1/10/2015 (Saturday, 11:24 PM):
Maggie Mae and Girl Take It Easy! What another great gig from The Pietasters!
Concerts: The Pietasters at 930 Club


1/10/2014 (Friday, 04:14 PM):
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Amazon Prime today! I remember seeing this movie in the theater as a ten year old kid in 1990. Somehow I'm craving some pizza!

1/10/2013 (Thursday, 07:34 PM):
Just realized I ordered a Reuben for dinner when that's what I had for lunch!

1/10/2012 (Tuesday, 11:58 PM):
Had a great night playing trivia at Public House No 7 with Laura Greene, that was fun!

1/10/2011 (Monday, 06:35 PM):
These New Puritans Hidden album is amazing!

1/10/2009 (Saturday, 11:45 PM):
Piestomp! Such a great performance from The Pietasters tonight! So much fun!!
Concerts: The Pietasters at State Theater


1/10/2006 (Tuesday, 06:34 PM):
Coworker: I don't like going to the dentist. I have a situation where I can't open my mouth wide enough because of my jaw. Me: You could have fooled me!!

1/10/2005 (Monday, 09:10 AM):
I have a new 3499 cell phone number! Yay!

1/10/2001 (Wednesday, 06:55 PM):
Hola! Today I went on a tour of Madrid led by Paco, a school teacher. It was kind of frustrating that I almost missed it and had to run to catch up to the group. After the tour I went to Puerta Del Sol to look for a convertor for my laptop.
Diaries: Day 02


1/10/1999 (Sunday, 10:23 PM):
Nothing, nothing, nothing at all.
Poetry: Virus Crash

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